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Pill Mill Doctor Sentenced

“The recruiters, who often personally transported the patients to and from the clinic and their pharmacies, would then sell the drugs on the streets, where they had a lot more value—more than $15 million in total,” Kramer explained.

She also said that Moret intentionally wrote thousands of illegal prescriptions for drugs like hydrocodone, alprazolam, and promethazine with codeine to patients he knew didn’t need them. And that he knew the ultimate destination of these powerful drugs were the streets of Southeast Michigan.

“What made this even worse,” Kramer added, “was that before working at ACS, Moret worked at an addiction treatment clinic, where he saw the consequences of illegal drugs on a daily basis.”

In the meantime, the ACS office manager—with the total knowledge of the clinic’s owner who had hired Moret in the first place—fraudulently billed $6 million to Medicare for examinations or tests that were not done properly or not done at all in the names of the patients who had received the illegal prescriptions.

During the course of the federal investigation, Moret was accused of sexual assault by some of his female patients, who had put up with his inappropriate behavior so they could obtain the controlled substance prescriptions. He was ultimately charged by the state and pleaded guilty to criminal sexual conduct charges. Before the federal case was even concluded, the state of Michigan had already stripped Moret of his medical license.

After Moret’s sentencing in the drug case, Timothy Waters, then-acting head of the Detroit FBI office, said that Moret had “intentionally fueled the local opioid epidemic by over-prescribing addictive medications to patients for his own personal gain.” Waters also warned that “any physician or health care professional who prioritizes profit or does harm to their patients under the guise of providing health care will be subject to the full investigative resources of the FBI and our law enforcement partners.”

And Kramer attributed the success of this particular investigation to the working relationship that the Bureau already had in place with the HHS-OIG. “The investigation wouldn’t have happened without our health care fraud partners at HHS,” she said.

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