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Facebook Cracks Down on Deepfake Videos

Despite the difficulties of identifying deepfakes, social media sites are recognizing the need to crack down on the manipulated, misleading videos.

Facebook is banning deepfake videos, which stem from a technique of human-image synthesis based on artificial intelligence (AI) to create fake content.

Over the past year, security experts and lawmakers have voiced concerns about malicious deepfake applications, particularly as a vessel for disinformation on social-media platforms ahead of the 2020 elections. Facebook on Monday said it will remove misleading videos from its platform — however, it will not crack down on all doctored content, such as “satire” video, as the company attempts to walk the thin line between free speech and misinformation.

“Today we want to describe how we are addressing both deepfakes and all types of manipulated media,” said Facebook vice president of global policy management, Monika Bickert, in a Monday evening post. “Our approach has several components, from investigating AI-generated content and deceptive behaviors like fake accounts, to partnering with academia, government and industry to exposing people behind these efforts.”

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