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Threat actors attempt to capitalize on coronavirus outbreak

By Nick Biasini and Edmund Brumaghin. Coronavirus is dominating the news and threat actors are taking advantage. Cisco Talos has found multiple malware families being distributed with Coronavirus lures and themes. This includes emotet and several RAT variants. Using the news to try and increase clicks and drive traffic is nothing new for malicious actors. We commonly see actors leveraging current news stories or events to try and increase the likelihood of infection. The biggest news currently is focused on the new virus affecting the world, with a focus on China: the coronavirus. There are countless news articles and Read more…

MGM Hotel breach highlights need for sophisticated cloud security

Cybercriminals posted the information of more than 10 million customers on a hacker forum a year after the initial attack on a cloud server. View Original Source Article HERE

92% of Americans would delete an app that sold their personal information

Smartphone users don’t want government encryption backdoors and would rather read “terms and conditions” than watch the movie “Cats.” View Original Source Article HERE

70% of IT leaders say security concerns restrict adoption of public cloud

While the concerns are legitimate, Barracuda also wants IT professionals to know that practical solutions exist. View Original Source Article HERE

California Man Arrested for Politically Motivated DDoS

The distributed denial-of-service attacks took a congressional candidate’s website offline for a total of 21 hours during the campaign for office. A man in Santa Monica, Calif., has been arrested for launching a series of attacks on the website of a California congressional candidate. Arthur Jan Dam is charged with one federal count of  intentionally damaging and attempting to damage a protected computer. According to the arrest affidavit, Dam was responsible for four distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on the candidates’ Web server, taking the site offline for a total of 21 hours during the campaign in 2018. Dam, it Read more…

Text message package scam delivers more than your business bargained for

There’s a text message scam making the rounds that could target your mail room staff, receptionist, or other employees. The FTC has tips on how you can protect your business. Our Consumer Blog describes a text message people are receiving that claims to be a FedEx tracking notice. In variations on the scheme, fraudsters also are falsely invoking the names of UPS and the U.S. Postal Service. According to the text, there’s a “delivery” that needs to be scheduled by clicking on a link. From there, people are taken to an “Amazon” page, which invites them to complete a customer Read more…

The Amazon Prime phishing attack that wasn’t…

by Paul Ducklin Earlier this week, we received a moderately believable Amazon Prime phish via email. The scam had an Account Locked subject line, with a warning that we wouldn’t be able to buy or sell anything via Amazon’s services until we verified our account. To add a bit more fear and urgency, the crooks went on to warn us that if we didn’t complete the verification process within 24 hours, then our account would be deactivated, not merely suspended. The “good” news, of course, is that verifying our account was as easy as clicking a link in the Read more…

Do I really need additional email security when using Office 365?

This is probably the most common question I get asked today! What customers are really asking is “Can I rely on the built-in security capabilities in Office 365 or do I still need to run a 3rd party email security solution such as a Secure Email Gateway?” And the answer — well that depends; every customer’s environment is different. Do I have to go to the Cloud? But first, let’s get the most common misconception out of the way. While it is more efficient to run your email security gateway in the cloud, close to your Office 365 tenancy, Read more…